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Our next casting and audition tour in Asia starts in June. For this tour, we have clear ideas about the talents we are looking for and would like to cast.


If the following criteria apply to you, then you should not hesitate and send us your application!

Most welcome:

    • Non-Experienced models
    • Just apply and we’ll see what happens
    • Tattoos and piercings are body art and can emphasize your uniqueness
    • Any races
    Female criteria:

    • Age 18 – 40
    • English speaking
    • Valid passport
    How to apply:

    • Just complete the application form below
    • We will review your application
    • DONE!
    • We will contact you within a few days

    Our philosophy is to provide

    quality over quantity

    To become a member of our international model and actress community, just having a beautiful face is not enough.

    You must have the determination to be successful.

    Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to do it.

    Your first step to become a model

    All costs in connection with your casting, your training as a potential model, including the first photo shoot, will be covered by us. Just fill in the form below. Your first step to become a model!

    Financial participation is not required.

    Only by appointment.

    Apply. Get Casted. Create Your Beauty.



    To be a model in our agency you must have motivation, determination and maturity as well as patience. The modeling world can be very chaotic and you need to be able to keep your feet on the ground and have the support of a good agent and family because the more in demand you are as a model the more you will be traveling and time away from home spend away.

    To apply, we kindly ask you to fill in this form and send it together with the following documents:

    • A clear head shot, a full body picture and an additional swimwear shot
    • We do not need professional pictures
    • Your pictures should be taken in front of a plain background with natural light if possible
    • Please make sure that the size of your pictures does not exceed 3Mb each

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